Get Hold of Life Magazine

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Saturday 19 May 1945, 10:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello my Sweet, how are you today?  I'm just as fat and sassy as usual.  Began today with the usual heavy schedule but I had a few broken appointments so I was able to take things easy.
          After lunch today I spent an hour or so on my correspondence course, lesson #7.  I'll try and get it out of the way by the end of the month.
          Then I undressed, climbed into my bunk, censored some mail and read a magazine until it was time to shower and dress for dinner.  After that the usual cribbage game and then movies.
          The picture tonight was a repeater, "Lake Placid Serenade" but I went just the same.  In the middle of the show it began to rain but I had my raincoat with me and so I sat through it just the same.  Now here I am.
          No mail today.  I'm missing of few letters up through the 10th so I should get some in the morning.
          Do you get to see Life Magazine?  One of the May issues has some interesting pictures in it.  If you get hold of it save it for me.
          Tonight is Saturday and if I were home we'd probably have gone to an early movies, picked up a Sunday paper and be on our way home by now.  However when we'd get in bed I'd change my mind about reading and turn the light out instead.  Then guess what--right the first time.
          No more for now darling, so I'll sign off.  Goodnight honey, and I'll see you in my dreams again (I hope)
Yours forever,

Life Magazine, May 7, 1945 (the one Gil asked Eleanor to save) has articles about Ulithi atoll, German prison camps, ducks for food, Lauren Bacall.

Link to magazine