Admiral Halsey

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday 28 January 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          More mail today!  I'm just like a kid with a new toy.  Got five letters today, three from you, one of the 13th and two of the 20th.  Also I got one letter from Ruth and one from Libby.
          I'm glad the package arrived and you like what I sent. That charm bracelet is expensive.  It is sterling silver but I don't remember what it cost.  Now to you other two letters.
          I hope you aren't overdoing with your teaching.  Your health is more important than the money so please be careful.
          Can't understand why Rose wants her son-in-law to go in with someone else.  If he has any ability at all and with the present shortage of doctors he should get started on his own now and get established while the getting is good.  But then they're nuts anyway.
          Talking about the re-examining censor, one of the officers made some thoughtless remarks in one of his letters and another officer passed it.  The re-examiner checked it and now hell is a popping.  A copy of the letter has been sent to Admiral Halsey and I guess we haven't heard the last of it yet.  Just goes to show how careful one must be in what he says in his letter.
          I didn't know the shells turned over on the neck.  If they do I'll be able to fix the necklaces when I get home.  However all the necklaces I've seen are made the same way.  I'll be able to work out something with the chains you send me though I do wish I had one longer one.
          As far as Arrowhead is concerned, do as you see fit.  When I said "To hell with a couple hundred bucks" I meant that if I happened to get home when you were planning to go up there, we wouldn't care if we had to lose the money to be together?
          So you feel rich and "phat," with all the money you made.  Well take it easy Honey and have fun spending what you make
          Scuttlebutt is like that.  Now I don't know anything but am still hopeful.
          The movie last night "Hi Beautiful" was worse than I expected.  Skip it when it comes around.  Tonight we have "Belle of the Yukon" with Gypsy Rose Lee, Dinah Shore and Randolph Scott.  It should be good,
          Today being Sunday I had a light work schedule.  Did a lot of visiting and guessing what will come next.  With our recent successes things look quite bright and I really think that things are going to blow up sudden-like for the Japs. I have very good reasons for saying so.
          Nothing more for now Sweetheart.  Goodnight and pleasant dreams of things to come when we are together again.