Ocean Spray Blew Over the Gunwales

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, FPO San Francisco
Wednesday 14 February 1945 11:40 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Sweetheart, how is my Valentine tonight?  I began this letter at 7:00 PM. I hadn't gotten any further than the heading when I got a call to leave the ship.  You see the ship's officers were invited to a party. I couldn't leave until the doctor got back.  Well as soon as I got word that he was aboard I was off in a flash.
          It was a pretty nice. By the time I arrived almost everyone there was as tight as hoot owls.  I proceeded to try to catch up but gave up when I saw how impossible it was.  I understand 70 bottles of whiskey and 12 cases of beer were consumed so you can see it must have been quite a party.
          Anyway we got back to the ship at a few minutes past nine.  I was drenched to the skin from the ocean spray that blew over the gunwales of the boat we came back in.  I had a cup of coffee and went down to my office to write this letter.  The doctor and a commander were "shooting the breeze" so I joined them. A few moments ago they decided it was time to break it up so here I am.
          Wasn't quite as busy today.  Had a full program but I wasn't rushed and was able to work along leisurely.  Cleaned up for the day at 3:00 PM.
          Today's mail consisted of a letter from you and a card from my mother. I've heard lots of talk about "Fighting Lady" and hope we have that movie aboard soon.  I also liked "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier."
          I'm not at all surprised about Linda's report card.  She takes after her Mommy and Daddy so why shouldn't the report be good.  I did write to her in yesterday's letter and will write again next week.
          I had hoped your mother was completely recovered by now.  A week or so ago, she wrote me she was better. Wish someone could prevail on her to see a doctor.  Self medication especially with sulfa drugs is dangerous and should be stopped.
          I see you are having trouble laying "Forever Amber" down.  It is the kind of a book you don't want to stop reading.  See, I told you so.
          I'm glad you are going ahead with summer vacation plans.  A change will do all concerned a lot of good. 
          I didn't mention last night's movie.  It was "Face in the Fog" and it was just as well not to have mentioned it.  Tonight's picture was an oldie, Carol Lombard and Charles Laughton in "They Got What They Were After."  I didn't see it because I went to the party.
          So darling another of my monologues is just about finished.  However it would be incomplete unless I told you how much I love you.  How much?  Well how deep is the ocean? How high is the sky?  That Sweet will give you a rough idea about "how much."
          Good night honey, it is past midnight and time I turned in.
Yours alone