Letter Disappeared

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 30 January 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Am I mad.  A letter came for me today and it disappeared.  I know there was actually a letter because three officers and one of the steward mates saw it in the wardroom but "it ain't there anymore."  It wasn't from you is all I know about it.  Maybe it'll turn up tomorrow.
          Been keeping quite busy these days doing dentistry.  Just got a request from another ship to take care of forty men.  Am planning to take them next week, a few every day and clean them up.  Anyway those in addition to what I already have lined up should keep me going.
          Worked steadily today until 3:00 PM.  I really don't have much time to devote to my wardroom mess treasurer's job or my welfare job.  However primarily I'm a dental officer and I'll attend to that job and let the rest ride until I can find time.
          At three I returned to my room and caught up on my book work.  Then I relaxed with the jigsaw puzzle I'm working on.  It's a dilly 16x20 inches and 500 pieces.  Anyway it was 5:15 before I knew it and then I showered and dressed for dinner.
          It has rained on and off this afternoon and is raining now.  I do hope it lets up because we have a good movie, Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne in "Together Again."  I'll go anyway but I'd rather see it dry than all wet.
          Nothing new out here, just the same sixes and sevens.  I owe everyone letters but it'll be some time before I catch up.
          Sweetheart, do you remember how much fun we had on our trip east in 1940 and how glad we were to get home again?  Well that was nothing compared to how I'll feel when I get home from here.
          No more for now Honey.  Good night and pleasant dreams.  Till tomorrow.