Censoring is Boresome

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 20 February 1945, 7:15 PM
My Dearest,
          How are you today, Sweet?  Hope you've snapped out of your last moody spell.  Out here everything is as usual.  Lots of sunshine and hot weather broken by light showers.
          Went through my usual morning routine of work and finished up about 11:20 AM.  Then I read until chow time.  After that I got some sun on the poop deck--you'd be surprised how tanned I'm getting and all over, too.
          I had a couple appointments this afternoon but was all through by 2:30 PM.  Had my hair cut and then showed a medical officer, who was visiting aboard, around.  Well not exactly, he actually came over to see if he could get some dental appointments for some men on his ship.  I'll take care of a few and made suggestions as to the handling of the others.
          No mail again today but I bet I get plenty tomorrow.  Some of the men sure write copiously--the amount of mail we censor seems to be increasing daily.  Others can dish out a slick line of bull. On the whole, however, this duty is boresome.
          Didn't stay for the movie last night.  It began to rain. I had seen it recently so I left and read instead.  Tonight we have a picture I've never seen or heard of.  It is "Three is a Family" with Fay Bainter and Charlie Ruggles.  It has a cute plot and should be an entertaining comedy.
          How goes everything? By the way don't send any more old magazines.  We have plenty aboard between what both the men and ship subscribe to.  As a matter of fact there is plenty of reading material though I did enjoy the books I received.
          Nothing more, new or different to talk about.  I'll sure be glad when we leave this "joint" and it can't be too soon for me.  But then nobody asks me.
          Goodnight Honey, till tomorrow with love and kisses.
Yours alone,