Love You The Way You Are

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 2 February 1945, 7:05 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Just another routine day today.  Worked all morning and finished up at 11:15 AM.  Had lunch and then collected the monthly mess bell from the wardroom officers.
          If was cloudy and rainy looking but I went up on the poop deck anyway and got a half hour of sun.
          This being Friday, "field day" was the order of the day this afternoon.  My corpsman worked, cleaning polishing and I caught up on my book work,
          This morning I got a letter from you dated the 24th and two this afternoon of the 23rd.  Also got one from your mother.
          Now to your letters.  You seem to be teaching regularly.  I do hope it isn't too much for you even at $10 a day.  Why are you so anxious to lose weight?  I love you just the way you are, tummy and all.  I haven't been on the scale lately but I don't believe my weight has varied any from what it was when I came aboard, 170 lbs. clothes and all.  By the way I slipped the other morning and lost my mustache.  Don't believe I'll ever raise another.
          I have a recollection of the party at Ruth's that you mention but a very faint one at that.
          I haven't started "Fountainhead" yet.  I finished "Tree Grows in Brooklyn" last night and that book is next.  I would enjoy "Immortal Wife" so send it along.  I do believe that Xmas mail will soon be caught up and that packages will get out here in about thirty days.
          As long as you keep getting letters from me I don't see how you could expect me to phone you.  After all air mail goes so much faster than any ship.  Just take it easy dear and hope.  I still think that I have a mighty good chance to get back when my year is up and something could happen and bring me back sooner.
          Yes dear I got my fifth assignment finished and on its way.  The sixth should be ready to go by the end of this month.
          I'm glad that Linda is behaving so well.  I do hope that Norma snaps out of it and gives you more rest at night.  Losing an hour or two of sleep just spoils the following day completely.
          I hope you work out something nice at Arrowhead for this summer.  If I get back and you're there I'd rather spend our time up there together than anywhere else.  After all that was the locale of "our first night," wasn't it?
          Boy I sure could use some of that cold weather.  I do hope we move on before long.  The summer and late spring out here are just hellish.  It's hot enough in the winter. I'd just as soon scram.  However I'm just a (j.g.) in the dental corps and don't run the Navy.  It's probably a good thing for the Navy.
          The movie tonight "Carolina Blues with Kay Kaiser and Ann Miller and is rated only fair.  Guess I'll go anyway.
          Am signing off now darling.  Good night with love and kisses to my three girls.
Yours always,

Gil doesn't mention going to ashore for a few,  but here is a chit. Was it his?