Today I Am 35 Years Old

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 11 January 1945, 9:45 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Hello Honey, today I am 35 years old.  If you were here or I was there I imagine I could prove I'm still OK for an old man.        

          Well today was just another routine day.  Worked most of the morning and saw Ambie off at 11:00 AM. After lunch I read and finished another book by Forester entitled "The Ship."

          About that time I heard someone mention mail so I high tailed up to the wardroom and there were four letters for me.  Three from you and one from a patient in response to my Xmas card.  That letter is so long and so friendly that I'm doing to keep writing to him.

          After dinner, this evening, I played checkers until movie time.  The movie tonight was a western, but a very good one.  Even you would like it.  It was "Tall in the Saddle" with John Wayne and Ella Raines.  The movie last night was also very good.  You should see it, title: "In the Meantime, Darling."

          I'm glad you got to go out New Years Eve. It would have been such a long evening to stay in.

          About this summer business.  Sweet, I hardly know what to advise.  We might suddenly head back to the states.  I might even get orders back for stateside duty and of course there is always the possibility of my staying out here for a while longer.  So make plans to go to Arrowhead and if I do get back something will be worked out and if not to hell with a couple hundred bucks.

          You needn't worry about me overdoing with drink.  A few beers seem to go a long way in this hot climate and I'm not anxious to contend with a big head the next day.  It's just a change and a little relaxation and not half as bad as it probably sounded in my letter.

          I'm anxiously waiting to hear word of Dick being in the Navy.  That kid really needs it and believe me they'll straighten him out.

          That poetry, darling, surely sizzles and the officers all get a kick out of it.  The fruit Deb sent was delicious and kept very well, so please send on a box.  Be sure it is very well packaged.

          I'm sorry I'm not convincing about coming home but how can I be when all my hopes are based on rumors and personal opinions.  There is no such thing as leave from out here simply because a replacement must be here before one can leave and they're not shifting men around every 30 to 60 days.

          I'm not surprised at Babs. Besides she probably has too much Joe on her mind at the present to worry about a single thank you.

          Talking about nice things to buy, the next place we may hit might be the Philippines and if the Japs haven't completely ransacked and destroyed that place I might find something there to send or maybe bring home.

          I'm glad that Linda's arm turned out to be nothing.  Gee how you must have worried.  Well all is well that ends well.

          Now that the Xmas rush is over I hope I'll get better mail service.  Your last letter was postmarked January 4 and that was only seven days ago.

          Darling do you remember my birthday last year?  Didn't we take the kids out for the day and go to the Fleishers?  (I'm not sure).  Guess I had more on my mind than I cared to admit.

          Good night my Sweet.  I'm sleepy and so I'm going to turn in and dream about my own sweet wife and two darling girls,