My Pen Is Writing Better

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 13 February 1945. 6:45 PM
My Darling,
          I am a little early. It is raining so there is no sunset to witness tonight.  Note my pen is writing a little better.  I worked the point down a little finer; it'll do me until I get home.
          This has been my busiest day aboard.  I worked steadily all morning and afternoon until about 4:00 PM.  By then I was pretty tired so I undressed and relaxed with an Ellery Queen story.
          Don't worry about me working too hard.  I'm really enjoying keeping busy as it helps the time to pass more quickly.  This month seems to be flying by and I think it is because I'm working most of the time.
          Got five letters this morning.  Three from you, a valentine from Linda and a nice letter from Ethyl.  She sure is swell.  I wish all our friends were like her, and then I wouldn't worry about you being so lonesome with me away.
          I see you're still teaching.  Swell as long as you say it isn't too much for you.  Bet you are making more money than I am, considering the time we both put in.
          The concert sounds quite good and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
          No, I didn't know I was buying you a new mink coat but I'll save my pennies and by Xmas the coat will materialize.
          I'll weigh myself right now and report back.  Don't go away.  It's 170 on the nose, clothes, dinner and all.  Took some snaps the last time I went ashore.  When I get them I'll send them on.
          Wait until you get into "Forever Amber" more.  I found it more interesting every page I read and you will too.
          We could use some of the cold weather you are having.  I do hope Linda's indisposition was short lived and she is OK now.  Guess "Stinky" is over hers alright.
          Be sure that Sol has my address.  If he is shipping out our paths may cross.  Send me his address as well and I'll keep my eyes open.
          There aren't any seaman third class ratings.  A third class rating is a petty officer rating.  Examples: pharmacist mate, storekeeper, yeoman etc.  They all rate from third, second, first to chief.  Yes, my promotion should be soon now.  Another two or three months.  It takes fifteen to sixteen months to make lieutenant.  Leon and Jim can be Lieutenant Commanders for a much longer period.  Two years is nothing at the present time.
          I don't know why Libby's letter should upset you.  She doesn't have any more money than we have or had for the past five years.  I can't see anything to get excited about in her letter, and Honey it isn't like you to be so jealous and selfish.  I'll just blame it on the times and say no more.
          Got a valentine from Gilman but haven't heard from the repair base for a long time.  Guess I've been remiss in writing.
          Honey, I'm seeing my share of movies. Just to be with you I'll go anyplace you want when I get home.
          I'm glad you're going ahead with plans for Arrowhead this summer. It'll do the kids and you (too) a lot of good.  Maybe I'll even surprise you and join you up there.  I'm still hoping.  Plan to go in the late summer when the chances will be better.
          That was a pleasant day in Santa Barbara.  We'll spend our next honeymoon any place you say.  Even home will suit me.
          Well Sweet, I'm fresh out of words and stuff so I'll close with loving thoughts and dreams of days to come.
Yours only,