To Some Money Means More Than Reputation and Ethics

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 21 February 1945, 7:15 PM
Hello Sweetheart,
          How are you tonight?  Good, how about a nice big hug and kiss?  Thanks honey I'll take a rain check on that until I can collect in the flesh.
          Was pretty busy but managed to clean up the morning by 11:30 AM. After lunch I censored some mail and read until 1:30 PM when I returned to my office for more work.                   Knocked off at 2:30 PM to read my mail.  I really got variety.  A letter from you, Libby, Uncle Bill (surprise?) and a couple from patients.  Then I got the course you typed up for me back with a 3.99 (I forgot to date it), a Dental Society Bulletin, the B'nai B'rith Bulletin and Bureau of Medicine literature.  I also got the enclosed bill, please send a check for $6.00.
          From your letter I gather that your spirits are up a few points.  Swell keep it that way. The"Sarnez" sounds delightful. You and I have a date to go there when I get back.
          You should be able to get by on $250 a month considering that the rent is only a very few dollars.  Besides in about two months my pay will up about $50 and that will help you balance your budget.
          In Uncle Bill's letter he called Leon "commander."  Did Leon get his extra half stripe or was that just Bill talking?  So now that Leon is getting shipped out again he has lost all the enthusiasm he displayed for sea duty.  My, my!  I'll not write him.  If he can't answer my last letter well then it's too bad.  I suppose as soon as he ships out he'll begin to "bitch" about mail, but really he doesn't deserve to have everyone breaking their necks to write.  Besides he wouldn't appreciate it.  That much we know from past experience.  Who knows, maybe out paths will cross.  I hope we're going in opposite directions.
          Rose Goodman's son-in-law is making a great mistake going in with Bulpitt.  However I gather that money means more than reputation and ethics to some people.  I do hope he is never sorry for his name.
          The movie last night, "Three is a Family" was a "stinker" and yet you should see it if you can.  There are the cutest twins in it and many laugh provoking incidents.  The picture tonight is also poor but I'll go as usual.  It is "Eve Knew Her Apples" with Ann Miller.
          I am enclosing a snap taken recently when I was ashore.  There are several better ones but there aren't any prints available now.  As soon as I get them I'll send them on.
          No more to tonight darling, so good night until tomorrow.