Arranged Catholic and Protestant Services

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday February 11, 1945, 10:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello darling, this being Sunday, how about an extra hug and kiss.  Swell, I knew you'd be agreeable.
          Between arranging Catholic and Protestant services and dentistry I had quite a busy morning.  However after lunch six of us went ashore and did a little elbow bending.  In between drinks I managed a little time for hunting shells.  I also picked up a ripe coconut and I'm making a paper weight of it.  It will be an interesting souvenir of this place.
          Got back a little high. Showered and changed for dinner.  After eating, another fellow and I went up on the bridge and enjoyed our usual evening breeze.  We've really had some beautiful sunsets, but today topped them all.  As the sun set in the west the clouds on the eastern horizon took on a beautiful pink hue, on the western horizon the clouds changed from white to yellow to orange and then on to deepening shades of red until it faded into a grey.  In between these clouds the sky was a deep blue which changed to robin egg blue and then to a blue green as it merged with the horizon.  Guess my description isn't so hot but you know if I take the time write about anything like a sunset it must have been beautiful.  Oh yes, when looking at a sunset on the seas the water also makes an interesting study.  The reddish clouds reflected their hues onto the gray waters to give it a reddish gray appearance and as the light faded from the skies the water took on a mysterious deep blue color.  Guess that is enough for sunsets.
          Went to the movie as usual.  We had "Girl Rush" but it is one movie people won't rush to see.  "Poor" is putting it mildly.  By the way last night's "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier," was quite good.  See it.
          After the movie I went up to the wardroom and saw some shipboard battle scenes.  It wasn't what one would call entertaining but it did illustrate some of the horrors of war very graphically.
          After that I was brought a large paper cup full of ice cream.  We make our own once a week and buy some from another ship twice a week, so we get enough of that.
          We've also got fresh lettuce and celery aboard.  It is the first we've had since we were in the Hawaiians.  Now if I could get some fresh tomatoes and fresh milk I'd be satisfied.  That is if I could have you too.  Guess when I get any of the above I'll get them all.  I hope it will be soon.
          After reading the last paragraph I've decided that I'm not quite sober yet so--good night Honey and pleasant dreams.  Until tomorrow.