3 hour 15 minute Drive from Santa Monica to San Diego

Monday 6 March 1944, 1200

          Had a nice easy trip back--3 hrs. and 15 min.  Talked to Dr. Doughty this morning.  He has decided that he likes his shift now so no change there.  I also phoned the newspaper and there isn't even one response on both ads.  Guess you'll have to try the Los Angeles Examiner.
          I really enjoyed the sandwiches and everybody came around.  All wished they had a wife who could fix them something for lunch once in awhile.  One of the corpsmen had a birthday Saturday; his mother sent him a big spice cake which he disposed of without any trouble.
          I am now biding my time till some of the fellows return from lunch.  Then I'll play some volley ball.  Tonight we are all going to the Dental Meeting (after dinner).
          There really isn't much more I can say--it's only fourteen hours since I left home nine of which were spent driving and sleeping.  The rest working.
          Kiss my girls for me. A real big one for you too.  Isn't it nice to know that by next weekend you'll be well and raring to go again?
          'Til tomorrow.
Your lover,