Pearl Harbor Makes the Base in San Diego Look Like a Pigmy

Saturday 26 August 1944

Dearest Eleanor,

          Just received a letter dated the 24th, so mail is not always slow.  You ask several questions and here are the answers.  I've already written about the last night out in Diego.  When I go on liberty here I usually go with the chief engineer "Ambie" Hansen.  He's a lot of fun.  Forget buying anything for me.  I'd rather travel light and if I need anything I'll get it wherever I am.  As far as the temple is concerned, do whatever is the most economical and convenient.  Of course I want Linda to go to Sunday school.  As for visiting Jimmy, I still don't have his address and wrote Libby for it.  I'm trying to locate Alvin K. but this place makes the last base I was at a pigmy in comparison.  I'm well, and if I had you and the kids with me there isn't a thing more I'd want.  So much for that.

          Since I've been aboard I've gained 12 pounds and now I'm going to lose it.  Just got a call so will finish later.

          Here I am back again.  Yes, I'm on a diet as is Ambie.  No bread, butter, cream, sugar, potatoes or dessert.  If either of us catches the other cheating for the next week he loses $10.00.  Guess I'll get along.

          Liberty has been changed.  Instead of being off every other day from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM, it is now every 3rd day.  Guess it could be worse.  My next liberty is tomorrow, Sunday, which is a poor day to shop.  However next Wednesday I should be able to do lots of spending and will my three girls be surprised.

          Well my Sweet I'm really tired now.  I forgot to mention that I worked out with a medicine ball just before I began this letter.  So--bye honey till tomorrow.  I love you and look forward to the time we'll be together again.

Yours forever,