Dr. Sayer Moved Out


Friday 4 August 1944

Dearest Eleanor,

          Just had lunch and I'm stuffed to the gills.  The menu consisted of stuffed celery, green and black olives, hard boiled eggs, tuna salad, sliced tomatoes, cream pie and coffee with a fruit punch on the side.  I did make a pig of myself and now I wish I had passed up the hot biscuits.

          Dr. Sayer moved out yesterday and I cleaned up the place a bit and now have oodles of room.  Several of the officers just received promotions and I spent a few minutes examining their mouths to qualify them for this advancement.

          That broken part on the dental chair will be repaired this afternoon.  Then I'll really go to work.

          By the time you get this you should be feeling in the pink so please take good care of yourself and my two little girls.  Daddy misses all three of you and is looking forward to an early reunion.

          Give my best to our mothers (yours and mine), Ruth, Harry, Babs and Dick and give Linda and Norma a big kiss from Daddy.  Always thinking of you.