Response to House Exchange Ad


Tuesday 21 March 1944, 1720


          I phoned the newspaper and found there was one response to our exchange ad.  The response reads "I have a three bedroom wooden house centrally located here.  Would like an interview with you in regards to your Santa Monica home.  Will not be home until Wednesday at 5:00.  Call W3718--if interested."  If  interested?  And how!  Hope by the time I phone tomorrow night I'll have some good news for you.

          Haven't heard from you this week as yet.  Bet I get two letters tomorrow.  I wrote my Mother and sent her a $10.00 check.

          Nothing new here at the clinic.  I'm working hard but nothing else to talk about.  By now you should be feeling pretty chipper and by the time Friday rolls around we'll both be rarin' to go.

          Goodnight My Sweet until we meet tomorrow



P.S. The movie is lousy, attended the meeting last time and it was a rehash of a lecture I had heard before.