We'll Be Together

Monday 27 March 1944, 1445 o'clock


          Well here I am again, tired and mad.  Tired because I worked hard again and mad because Dr. Boutte got surgery instead of me.  Why?  Just because they needed someone who could turn out the filling work and couldn't spare me.

          Had an easy trip back, arriving at 1:20.  Got a good night's sleep and after chow tonight I'll go see "Four Jills in a Jeep."  Hope it's good.  At noon I played volleyball and got a good workout.

          Tomorrow afternoon I'll attend to those chores you listed for me.  Then I'll give you a buzz.

          I'll sure be glad when the next ten to twelve days are gone and we'll all be together again.  We did have a nice weekend and from now on we'll have nice weeks and weekends.

          Nothing else to say.  So say hello to my girls and give them a great big kiss xxx and here are a couple for you too xxx.