Bridges and Crowns


Monday 13 March, 1745

Dearest Eleanor,

          I don't like this change.  Worked like a dog and feel like I used to after a hard day in the office.  The only consolation is that I'll get more variety.  I made a crown today.  Bridges and crows will be part of my work.

          Made good time last night. We got in at 1:15.  The sandwiches were delicious and everyone enjoyed the brownies.

          Well how is your "business?"  You'd better write and tell me all is well on that front.

          Tonight they are showing "Heavenly Body" with Hedy Lamarr and William Powell.  After the show I'll go over to the B'nai B'rith meeting.

          How is your mother today?  Has Norma's nose stopped running" Now that Linda is back in school things ought to be a little easier.  By the way everyone stops to admire the photos of our girls.

          Four more days and I'll be home to take up where we left off last weekend. Keep the "home fires burning" till later