Evenings Are Lonely

Wednesday 9 February 1944, 10:40 o'clock


Dearest Eleanor,

          Please don't let yourself get so upset about every little thing.  I tried to phone tonight at 6:00 and the operator said that it would be 8:15 before I could get an open line.  I went to the movie and got back at 8:00 and found a note to call the Santa Monica operator.  It took another half hour to get through--so the delay.

          You keep on talking about phoning these different builders and realtors.  If you could only hear what the different officers on the base say about conditions but you would know that phoning a stranger will get one absolutely nowhere.  However, if we have an inspection Friday, I will have two hours for lunch.  It only takes a few minutes by car to reach these different offices.  I'll make appointments and run out and see what the situation is.  Monday night is the B'nai B'rith meeting which I will also attend.  Frankly, I feel more will be accomplished through one of their members than any other way.

          In the meantime dear, please don't be so impatient and make yourself so miserable.  In spite of my daily activity, the evenings are very lonely for me too.  I didn't even enjoy a gory murder picture this evening with Laird Cregar, Merle Oberon and George Saunders. Knowing me as you do I'm sure that sounds at least unusual. And then from 8:00 PM every evening--what?  Go out and get drunk or chasing women?  You must see I'm just as anxious to have you and the kiddies here as you are to be here. Good night my Sweet until tomorrow.
Your, just as impatient husband,


P.S. This stationery isn't worth a darn--it is too thin so I'm going to use it up writing home.