Found a Flat--Dispose of Gas Coupons

Thursday 23 March 1944, 1745 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
          Another day and I really worked.  Put in twenty-four fillings and not all simple either.
          Stayed in last night, even the movie didn't sound interesting.  Tonight I'm going to see "Passage to Marseille" with Humphrey Bogart, Eric Dorn, Peter Lore and?  Hope it's good.
          I'm not going to do anything or make any arrangements about the flat until I've talked things over with you.  I suppose you're all excited now and making all kinds of plans.  Swell, but take it easy and don't make too many plans.
          Here at the clinic there is nothing new.  Six dentists are expected but who knows when?  There is room for five so that means someone is probably going to leave.  It'll probably be Dr. Saks, Dr. Jacobs or Dr. Boutte and then again maybe no one.
          It has really been warm out here and you know how much I like warm weather.  However a nice shower before retiring makes a big difference.  I think I'm still gaining weight, going to have to do something about that.
          I hope you disposed of the gas ration coupons.  Don't put too much gas in the Buick but have enough for the weekend.  I'm planning on calling on Oscar V. for a little on Sunday.  We'll have to get ahead plenty.  There'll be no place to chisel any gas down here.
          Not much else to say except that I'll try to be home early Saturday and I am looking forward to one hell of a weekend.  I hope you know what I mean.
Kiss my two girls,
You diddle partner