Shipping Our Effects to San Diego

Wednesday 5 April 1944, 1145 o'clock

My Dearest,

          Here I am back at the old grind and I mean grind.  I'll sure be glad when those 5 or 6 new officers arrive.  Although they may send out one or two that are already here, this addition will lighten the load considerable.

          As I told you over the phone, the Naval Supply Depot at San Pedro will call you relative to shipping our effects.  Arrange to have the stuff delivered Friday afternoon after 2:00 or 3:00 P.M.

          Last night I went to the U.S.O. they really put on a real show.  One girl in particular imitated Gracie Fields, Shirley Temple (as a child) and "frozen faced" Margaret O'Brien to a "T."

          Guess I'll take a rain check on tonight's show, "Stage Door Canteen."  Have no plans for this evening.  Tomorrow noon I'll run down and look the apartment over and then phone you in the evening.

          Gilman is coming alright so get four tickets for Saturday night.  After the show he's on his own.

          Hope Norma's leaky nose is better by now.  I wish I could get the kids something for Easter.  Maybe I'll find time Friday afternoon to do some shopping.

          It's 1200 and time for a game of volleyball.  Adios, My Sweet.