We Have a Place in San Diego

Tuesday 28 March 1944, 1600

Dear Eleanor,

          Well we should both feel better now that we have a place in San Diego.  I'm going down at noon tomorrow to pay a deposit and find out just "what is cooking." 

          This place has been like a morgue today.  It's been just as quiet as it was when I first reported in.  Scuttlebutt has it that for the next three weeks we'll be taking it easy.  Then the fleet will be back and more work for us.

          Last night I saw "Lady in the Dark."  Not bad but not good.  That Lawrence dame has it all over Ginger Rogers.  By the time the censors cut up the script most of the zip of the play is gone.

          Dr. Taylor's wife is coming down to look for a place.  He has all her clothes in his car.  She is coming down tomorrow and he has no place to put her.  The Grant or some similar hotel is too expensive and he's looking.  He'll have to look a long way.

          Tonight I'm going to a study club meeting at the University Club.  Synthetic porcelain is the subject to be handled.  It ought to be interesting and useful because we use a lot of synthetic here.

          Hope you and the kiddies are enjoying the gorgeous summery weather.  It is simply beautiful out today.

          Looking forward to a very pleasant weekend now that your mind at ease regarding our immediate future.

Love and kisses,


Gil in Blues
San Diego