Red Pony


Wednesday 16 February 1944

My Dearest Eleanor,

          Another busy day.  Guess they weren't kidding when they said the loafing was only temporary, but who cares.  I would rather keep busy than sit on my fanny all day.

          After the movie last night I returned to B.O.Q. and wrote six letters--the Fleischers, Collons, Goldie M., Frances and Jack, Ruth and Harry and the Aranoffs.

          At noon today the doctors got together and played volleyball.  We're going to do the same every noon.  We had a lot of fun and exercise but we sure looked soft.

          Dr. Tyler, who has been here for six months, got his orders for fleet marine duty.  This is considered the most rugged outfit there is.  The dentist trains right along with the marines and goes on all hikes under full pack.  In combat he goes over with the second wave.  All of this has made him very happy as you can well understand.  Now all the men who have been here for six months or more are expecting orders any day.

          Don't let this worry you.  I still will be here for at least six months and it can be a year or more before anything happens.

          You should be through riding the red pony by Saturday night and then we'll have a little serious business to take care of.  So until Saturday night keep those panties on and it'll be my pleasure to take them off.



"To furnish volunteer aid to the sick and wounded of armies......" and "To act in matters of voluntary relief and in accord with the military and naval authorities as a medium of communication between the people of the United States of America and their Army and Navy......"  The Charter of The American National Red Cross.  By Act of Congress January 5, 1905.