Thursday 9 March 1745

My Dearest,

          Received two more letters from you today.  Of course we'll take an unfurnished place from Diller if that's what you want.

          Saw "Soul" last night.  I never did see it before--pretty good. Tonight they are showing "Sahara" so I'll pass it by.  Got a nice box of candy and your pics.  After lunch I went over to the pistol range and shot a pretty good score--got five bull's eyes out of the first ten and six out of the second ten. Then a hot game of volley-ball. Now after dinner I am writing you.

          Tried to reach Diller but was unsuccessful.  Will try tomorrow again.  For a change I'm going to try an ad for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

          Dr. Waterhouse, one of the dental officers, came in this morning feeling low.  He was sent to the hospital with the measles.  Hope I'm immune.  I was kidding around with him this morning.

          Nothing new in the clinic but I expect something different before the end of the week.  Got another inlay to make today and also a Commander from Medical as a patient.

          Hope Norma's cold is better and you have gotten over the blues.  A big kiss for each of you.