Got Three Gallons of Gas


Thursday 27 January 1944
1510 o'clock (3:10 P.M.)

Dearest Eleanor,

          Today I received two letters from you and one from Miss Earnest.  In her letter there was nothing but what I expected about the accounts and office furniture.
          I was really sorry that you couldn't come to San Diego for tonight.  I was really looking forward to it.  I was able to get three gallons of gas today.  I'm going back tonight to get three more and three tomorrow noon and evening.  That'll give me enough to get home.  Two of the doctors and I are working out a once in three weeks schedule so that there won't be so much driving around.
          I'm to call the operator at Oceanside before six tonight.  I guess Debby is trying to reach me.
          I'm having some difficulty arranging to trade off duty on February 20.  I've had no takers even though I offered a bottle of whiskey to boot.  One of the doctors who'll be riding with me is considering the exchange.  He'll let me know on Monday.
          I hope Linda and Norma are getting better and you get some sleep tonight.  Every night I read in bed and listen to the radio until I get sleepy enough to turn in.
          Well tomorrow night I'll be home and guess what we'll do.  Right the first time.  Adios my sweet till tomorrow.
Your lover,