Learning About the Ship

Monday 31 July 1944


Dearest Eleanor,

          Another busy day doing nothing.  Saw one patient this morning and spent the rest of the day learning about the ship and some of my duties.

          The chow is excellent.  Ate three meals today and that is one too many.  I'll have to really watch myself or I'll put on plenty of weight (and you Dr., who is censoring this letter, will have to take steps to reduce me).

           Saw a movie tonight--"The Canterville Ghost," a most fantastic picture.  I spent most of the afternoon and evening showing some of the doctors, whom I worked with ashore, around the ship.  Methinks that practically all would trade with me. 

          I expect to see you tomorrow night and am looking forward to a very pleasant and thrilling evening.  I am hoping, but I can't be sure.  Anyway it won't be long before I see Leon's old haunts and the---? Who knows?

          In a couple of days I intend to begin a survey of the dental health of the crew and that will keep me busy for awhile.

          I still miss you and my two girls and feel that it won't be too long before I will see you all again.

Your loving husband