Dry Socket


Wednesday 26 January 1944
2200 o'clock (10:00 P.M.)


          Just got through "schmussing" with Dr. Denny who is standing watch with me tonight.
          Last night I went to the movie and saw Sinatra in a real stinkaroo.  This morning was quite busy.  This afternoon was dead.  I only saw one patient.  Did it rain in Santa Monica during the night?  We had a real cloudburst here.
           This evening I saw "Henry Aldrich Haunts a House" and found it quite amusing.  Tomorrow night "Madame Curie" is showing but I won't go to see it.  I'll wait to see it with you.
          Called Nina Hursey.  She is busy getting ready for her vacation beginning next week.  She insisted on my dropping in on her before she leaves, so I promised to call on her tomorrow (Thursday) night.
          Things aren't bad here during the day.  The doctors and corpsmen sit around and talk when they are not working, but when evening comes, they all go their individual ways.  I do miss my "girls."
2230 o'clock (10:30 P.M.)

          Just had an emergency call, a sailor with a dry socket.  He was here yesterday and this morning he asked for relief and they gave him aspirin.  A lot of good that did.  I cleaned out the socket and packed it.  Now he is a new man.
          Am going to go to the BOQ and turn in.  Dr. Denny lives off base so he will sleep at the clinic.  The new watch list was posted this afternoon.  I'll be off this weekend.  Next week I have the Friday night watch which means I'll leave as soon after 8 A.M. as I can on Saturday morning.
          My Sunday watch is on February 20 so I'll have to get someone to trade watch with me.  I think it can easily be arranged.
          Am getting sleepy.  Nighty night and pleasant dreams hone.  Only two more days and one more night and I'll be home again.
          Love and kisses to all my girls.
As ever,