Only One Hotel Open in Honolulu

Friday 18 August, 1944, 10:30 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Hello my Darling.  I went on liberty today and don't care if I don't go again for some time.  Really the mess one has to wade through to get onto a bus or cab, into a bar for a drink, or into a cafe for a bite is simply awful.  The redeeming feature is to sit in the open patio of the only hotel open now and enjoy the cool ocean breeze and watch natives ride the breakers.  As I sat there I couldn't help but think back to our month at Catalina not so long ago when the whole gang sat out in from of the St. Katherine's without a care in the world.

          Well dear, before I headed into town, I went down to the dental clinic hoping to see Dr. Jackson.  He had just reported in this morning and was away from the clinic getting himself squared away.  I left him a note and will try to see him later.  Just as I was leaving, Jerry Shapiro, a pharmacist mate who was stationed at Diego when I reported in there, greeted me. So we talked for awhile and off I went.

          I received a letter from Ruth and my sweetheart (guess who she could be) yesterday but nothing today.  I better receive a big batch one of these days or else.  Forget the temple membership.  After this is over we're going to do more things as we like and to hell with trying to please everybody else.  I enjoyed those snaps you sent me but where is the one of yourself?  Buy a roll of film and have someone shoot some and send it to me pronto.

          You asked me several questions which should be answered by now.  I'll bet the mail man staggered to the house just loaded down.  As for things I need, there isn't anything I want (that money can buy), that I can't get here.  Just send me your love and I'll send you mine and we'll both save it all up till we are together again and then??

          From the way things look now we may stay here for 2-3 weeks or more and then on to more new places.  Right now it doesn't look like will be returning to the states for awhile but that is today.  Tomorrow everything may be changed again (I hope).

          Good night Sweetheart till we meet tomorrow because I do feel I'm with you when I sit down and write.