Played Accordion

Friday 11 August 1944, At Sea


          Another quiet day.  Had a light breakfast and then stalled around until 10:30 for the weekly inspection.  Saw a couple of patients then and three more after dinner.  We eat dinner at noon and supper at 6 P.M.  Dinner was a Salisbury steak with all the trimmings.  For supper we had asparagus soup and breaded pork chops with all the trimmings.

          The sea has been like glass and sailing along as we are, one completely loses all track of time and even the war seems very remote.

          Last night a few of us get together and borrowed an accordion from one of the men aboard.  I had a lot of fun playing it.  It's quite a simple instrument to play if you know piano.

          Well, my Sweet, we should be at our destination before many days more.  We've been moving along rather slowly because we're ahead of schedule.

          The last two days we ran into several squalls.  It rains for a few minutes and then we're out again and the sun is shining.   The nights are really black and going from the ward room to my room is like playing "blind man's bluff."  I extend my hands and grope along until I find the door knob.

          So dear it's really hard to find what to write when one writes every day but I do love you and really miss you and the kids.

Goodnight dear 'til tomorrow,