All Hands Aboard

Thursday 20 January 1944

Dear Eleanor,

          How is my Sweet today? Just one more day and I'll be home and are we going to have fun.
          Last night an order came through for the Medical Department (including the Dental Corps) to have "all hands aboard" for an inspection by the Admiral on Saturday.  And was I in a dither!  That meant that I couldn't leave until after the Admiral made his inspection.  This morning a change in orders came through.  We had to get ready for inspection by 1:00 P.M.  We did, he came, and everyone is happy.
          I ran into the younger Levison boy; he is an ensign.  I don't remember his first name, but his brother's name is Billy.
          I was a little busier today.  I placed twelve silver fillings, two porcelain fillings and cleaned a lieutenant's teeth.  Usually by 4:00 o'clock things drop off, but we must remain "aboard" until 5:15.
          Called Nina Hursey at her work yesterday.  She couldn't talk and asked me to call her at home.  I will one of these days.
          Well Dear, keep your panties on till I get home tomorrow (Friday night).