Library a Mess

Thursday 10 August 1944, At Sea


          This has been a busy day.  I had five extractions plus several treatment cases and a couple of fillings.  As one of my duties I have charge of the library and it is a mess.  We have several hundred books without any catalogue of them and they are just thrown willy-nilly onto the shelves.  So I had a couple of men detailed to alphabetize and list the books and after they got through I had to go back and do it over again myself.  The dummies alphabetized the books on each shelf and so we had duplicate copies of books on several shelves.  However it'll be squared away by tomorrow and then it will function smoothly.

          Other than that there isn't much to tell.  We are ahead of schedule and so we're barely moving along.  I still am eating three meals a day but no bread, butter, cream, sugar, or potatoes.  Still I am consuming too much.  Guess I'll just have to skip a meal now and then.

          Well it's time to turn in.  I really sleep soundly and if the mess attendant didn't call me every morning I'd probably sleep right on through.

          Darling, when I get back we really are going to make up for lost time.  Until then, take it easy.  Give my girls a big hug and kiss from Daddy.  Goodnight!

Your Sweetheart,


Lt (j.g.) G. Steingart