Concert by Ship's Band


Saturday, August 12, 1944, At Sea

Dear Eleanor,
         Just another day at sea.  Up as usual at seven, showered, dressed and had breakfast.  Worked for a couple of hours, visited on the bridge and looked at ships looming up of the horizon guessing their identity, or trying to, before they got close enough to really tell.  We've had company all day, another ship on the same course and evidently due at the same place and time as we are.
         After dinner of spaghetti and meat balls with salad, iced tea, and chocolate cream pie, we had a concert by the ship's band.  They really sounded pretty good although they don't have much time to practice.
          Upon conclusion of the concert I returned to my office for more work.  When he was in civilian life, one of my patients was a patient of Dr. Frankel.  Small world isn't it? After that Dr. Bushyager, the medical officer, Mr. Hansen, the chief engineer, and I retired to the "chief's" quarters and with the accordion indulged in another hour or so of music (?).  Then a fried chicken supper and another visit on the bridge.  It has been plenty warm today and it is a little cooler up there than in most parts of the ship.
          Well for a guy who had nothing much to say I did all right.  I'm sure looking forward to our next port and to the letters from you my Sweet and I'll bet I get several from Linda too.  By till tomorrow.