Liberty in Honolulu

Wednesday 23 August 1944, 11:00 PM

My Darling,

          Went on liberty yesterday.  Joined the Officers Club for $1.00 and got a ration of whiskey.  Had lunch there and ran into Barney Silver, Leon's friend.  Bummed around downtown, had a few drinks, did some window shopping and returned to the ship. We really got pie-eyed, played the accordion, sang and raised hell until I literally poured myself into my bunk.  Today I have what is known as a hang-over, but a good one.  However I'm not sorry. I felt like it and I got it out of my system now--yep even the alcohol.

          Worked all morning on some men from another ship and saw three patients this afternoon as well.


Will tell you all about it tomorrow.  Got three more letters yesterday and three today.  You say I sound homesick--well why not with you and the kids so many miles away.  I have some gifts in mind for you and the kids but may not be able to send them until we leave this place--censorship! Wish I could say we are returning soon--so far we are waiting.  As I wrote you before, several weeks may elapse before anything happens and then where we go is still too remote to even hazard a guess although it looks like we'll be heading west.

          Gosh honey, as I sat out on deck and looked at the millions of stars in the sky and felt the cool breeze blowing in from the hills, I went back to past years when we enjoyed beautiful spots together.  Dear, when this is over we'll enjoy many, many such things together.  I wish I could just pour out of these pages the love I have for you in my heart but you know me--all I can say is I love you! Repeat many more times.  Not enough room.

          No darling there is nothing I need that I can't buy here.  There are many large department stores and a large Sears.  Sell the Plymouth for whatever Bob gives you. Within reason, of course.  Heard the war news this evening and things are really popping.  Maybe this will be over even sooner than we dared to hope and I'll come home to stay.  Anyway, there's going to be a hot time in the Steingart domicile when I return.  Wish I could save all your letters but room is something there isn't much of.  You save mine and I'll use it as a refresher when I return and tell you all about things and such.

          Good night my Sweet.  I'll see you in my dreams.

Your loving husband,


P.S. Had to cut out where I was going on liberty.  You might know where I am as if you didn't.