Flat Will Look Nice with Sticks

Thursday 30 March 1944, 1900 o'clock


          Here I am.  Been waiting almost an hour for the call to you to come through.  I'm sure I won't have to wait much longer now.

          At noon today I went down and saw the flat and was pleasantly surprised.  It really with look nice with a few decent sticks stuck around.  The living room is quite large about 12x18.  The kitchen is small but there is room for a refrigerator and stove such as we have at home.  However, I do think we ought to buy one of those four burners just half the size of the one we have now.  I saw one in Sears for $69.50.  All the rooms have ceiling lights except the living room so you needn't worry about the light problem.  Tomorrow I'll go back to the Supply Depot and find out about storage.

          I really wasn't very excited about this change but now that I've seen the place and its possibility and the prospect of having you and kiddies here with me all together again, I can hardly wait.

          I'm writing in B.O.Q. and Gilman is here to annoy me.

          Forgot to find out what's at the movie, guess I'll walk down and take in the second show if I haven't already seen it.

          I won't seal this letter until after I've talked to you which should be any minute.  Until tomorrow.