That"ll Save A Little Gas


Monday 20 March 1944, 1215 o'clock

Hello My Sweet,

          Stopped to see Leon on the way and with the delay I arrived at the base at 1:30.  Deborah is still doctoring.  That's what she wanted to see Leon about--a doctor to go to.

          Phoned about our ad but no response as yet.  But then yesterday was the first day.  Got a letter from Bruce Stern which I am enclosing.  Dr. Gilman was tickled pink with our invitation so you can go ahead and make reservations, etc.  By the way, don't plan on riding with Leon if you come to San Diego in three weeks.  He said he probably would be taking someone down with him and I imagine that someone will be a "she."

          Had a very busy morning and when 11:30 came, I tore into those sandwiches with a vengeance.  Were they good!

          Dave is taking his car down next week so I'll drive to Oceanside and leave the Plymouth there over the weekend.  That'll save a little gas.

          After this letter I'll drop a note to Miss Earnest and then go out and play a game of volleyball.

          In the meantime my Sweet, keep that smile on your face and a little more hope in your heart.  We'll be together in Diego yet.

          A big hug and kiss to all my girls.