Seven Bull's Eyes


Friday February 11 1944

Dear  Eleanor,

          Went down to see the apartment. The neighborhood was not as desirable as some of the other units that these builders have, but as far as they know now there probably won't be anything else available until April.  This place was an upper and I can't see much sense in taking it with two kiddies.  However I didn't say anything definite but will let them know Monday after I've talked it over with you.

          I asked about a larger place and he suggested the three bedroom units being built by another outfit in Crown Point, twelve minutes by streetcar to downtown Diego.  I'll look into it tomorrow noon if possible.  If we could rent a three bedroom place I wouldn't want to buy anything. After I got back from the apartment "hunt" I went over to the pistol range and took some instruction in firing the gun.  Didn't do badly.  Out of 17 shots I got seven in the bull's eye.  I should be a fair shot with a little practice.

          God, this has been a long week.  Last night I went into town and made a hotel reservation for the twenty-forth at the Grant.  No trouble at all. 

          Wish this was Saturday so I could be leaving in the morning.  Guess I can hold out another day.  How are the kiddies?  This is the second day this week that I didn't get any mail from you.  By the way I got the wire yesterday (Thursday) morning at 9:30.  I guess there is no use wiring ever unless it can be delivered before 5:00 P.M.

          This is all till I get home Sunday. Love and kisses and a great big hug.

Your impatient hubby,



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