Enlisted Men Don't Count


Tuesday 8 February, 1710 o'clock

Dearest Eleanor,

          Another day and nothing new to talk about.  Oh yes.  At our daily indoctrination lecture the riot act was read to the officers.  It seems that in this democracy the enlisted men don't count.  In other words we were told to demand strict respect and decorum in the clinic.  This really is going to take a lot of the fun out of our work.  From what they tell me, the same thing happens every so often.  Then for a week or two everything goes G.I. and then we'll drift back to the old way of doing things.  Don't misconstrue that this is anything I did.  It was simply a general condition existing in the clinic.

          I've been looking in the "houses for rent" columns. If I see anything interesting I'm going to run it right down.

          Received your letter and my first set of questions.  That 3.97 is better than anyone here has ever received.  They say 4.0 is just never given.  Well, I'll try and find out.

          Will probably go downtown tonight and make hotel reservations.  If not tonight, I'll go tomorrow night.  The corpsmen are making so much noise I hardly know what I'm writing, so I'll say adios, my sweet. As ever