Inspected the Hospital Portion of the Ship

Wednesday 9 August 1944, At Sea


          Another quiet day.  The weather is balmy and the sea is smooth.  I'm thankful for the clouds in the sky else it would be plenty warm.

          Not much activity for me.  I worked for a couple of hours this morning.  After a light breakfast and after making a routine inspection of the hospital portion of the ship, I found I had the rest of the day to myself.  So I walked down passageway, up a ladder and down to another passageway several times around the ship just for the exercise.  I visited with the watch officers on the bridge for awhile and then retired to my bunk and read a magazine short story.

          Are you keeping busy?  Do my girls ask about their Daddy? Tell them I miss you all so much and that we'll spend all the time I have together when I get back.

          So sweetheart, I'll sign off till tomorrow.

As ever

Your loving husband,


Lt (j.g.) G. Steingart