Treatment and Surgery

Wednesday March 15, 1805 o'clock

Dearest Wife,

          Just finished talking to you and now I'm writing to you.  As I told you a few of us- Taylor, Gilman, Thompson and I went to the dance last night.  The dance was held at Pacific Square, a ballroom as large as the BonTon.  A navy band furnished the music.  Admission was open only to Medical and Dental Corps and associated services i.e. nurses, Waves, etc.  There were lots of extra girls but I didn't feel much like dancing.  So, we sat around and drank and felt pretty high by the end of the evening.

          You asked about my work.  Well today a case was sent to me that I began to turn down because I felt the treatment would be futile.  However, when I was told that the Captain had suggested the treatment I didn't have much choice but to accept the case.  It's a treatment to be followed by surgery to remove a large infected area.  I'll do it all myself.  The fact that I've gotten at least one such unusual case each day this week and that none of the other doctors are getting any indicates to me that I may get some kind of break here.   As far as corpsman instructor, no one has been chosen yet.

          Tonight is my duty night.  It's my turn to sleep in B.O.Q. so I'll turn in early and get a good night's sleep.

          Please don't let the way you feel get you down.  I'm certain this time everything is okedoke.  And this weekend we'll have a little more fun.  From you letter it looks like you have a pretty busy week--good!

          I'll place our ad tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed.

Love and kisses to all,