The Radio

The letter is misdated.  The correct date is Tuesday 25 January 1944. 

Tuesday 24 January 1944
1530 o'clock (3:30 P.M.) 

          The flurry of business we had yesterday was short-lived.  Today things are slow and easy again.
          The "watch" schedule was taken down last night and a new one hasn't been posted yet.  The Captain is not here, so there is no way of telling what my schedule is going to be until the last minute.  However I am planning for Saturday and Sunday at home until I hear otherwise.
          Last night I was "dead" tired.  I phoned the president of the B'nai B'rith.  He told me they were having an open meeting with Dr. Nussbaum as the guest speaker.  I was so tired and with the uncertainty of my "watch" night, I decided not to go to the meeting. Instead I talked to him. Although he was not very encouraging, he promised to try and help out.  He gave me the name of a member who is in the realty business.  I'll try to reach him tonight.  I took a shower and turned in at 8:00 P.M.

Wednesday, 26 January 1944
1615 o'clock (4:15 P.M.)

          Dr. Thompson, in whose office I worked till this morning, returned.  Now I'm in another office.  The last man here cleaned out all the supplies when he left, so I've got to re-supply all the necessary items, but not from my pocket.
          Regarding handpieces.  I have two straight hand pieces, one S.S. White and one Terry.  Sell the Terry. $20 is a fair price.  All the handpieces are stowed in the full barrel.  What a job finding them. Miss Earnest will have to do the best she can.
          The radio works well at my quarters.  I can't decide whether I want it there or here at my office.  If I were rich, I'd have two of them, one at each place.  But as a Lt. (j.g.), one will suffice.
          One of the doctors who has been married only a couple months came to me all excited.  His wife is "pregling" and what'll he do about it?  Neither of them wants a baby right away and they are really desperate.  Of course there wasn't much I could advise except that if he had anything done to be sure to get a good man to do it.
          The wind howled and it poured "cats and dogs" last night. Today is sunny and quiet.
           Hope "Stinky's" nose is better, and tell Linda I'll be home soon.  I'll write to Deb about the chances of a hitch for the weekend.  As far as your coming here, we'd best wait and see what develops.  Impatiently till this weekend and with "lotenis" of love.

OXX   Here is a bigger kiss back to you and

 oxx     Two little ones for Linda and Norma