Gold Inlay


Tuesday 14 March 1944, 15:45

Dear Eleanor,
          Still plugging away.  I like the change even with the increased amount of work.  Today I was given a large gold inlay to make.  Business is really picking up.
          Went to the move last night and saw "Heavenly Bodies," a very amusing picture.  When I came out, it began to pour and I never did get to the B'nai B'rith meeting.  However, tomorrow noon I'll go down and place those ads in the paper for the weekend.  Let us pray.
          Monday and Tuesday have come and gone but still no word from you.  I hope my mail reaches you more promptly.  Tonight is the monthly "Hospital Dance" and all the corpsmen and some of the doctors have been egging me on to go.
          They promise plenty to drink even if I don't care to dance.  I'm weakening, but I feel funny about going to a dance without you.  I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.
          Tomorrow night is my "watch: and then it is Thursday and on Friday I'll be home again.  I hope everything is OK by you then and we'll take up where we left off last weekend.
          Give Norma and Linda big kisses from Daddy.
As ever your lover,
P.S. Excuse this paper.  I couldn't get any Red Cross tonight.