Captain's Inspection


Friday 4 February 1944

Dear Eleanor,

          Another day, another dollar and that's about all I made today.  Stalled all afternoon with a patient in the chair so that I would be busy for Captain's Inspection.
          Got another letter today which makes at least one for every day this week--a record.  Sorry to hear that you have a cold, hope it'll be better by tomorrow.
          So the draft is catching up with some of the men--ain't that too bad.  Marty is probably worrying although he probably has less to worry about than the rest.  Neither the Army or Navy will take him.
          Going to the movie tonight.  "A Chip Off the Old Block."  They say it's good so I'm going.
          Called Bailac at the Golden State but he was out.  I'll try his hotel tonight.  Enclosed is the ad.  It's in a good spot.  I'm really hoping for something.
          Love to the kids.  I bet I beat this letter home.

Your husband,