Examined a "Draft" of Men


Wednesday 8 March 1944,  1615 o'clock

My Dearest,

          Please don't upset yourself like you have been.  We must be patient and keep looking.  Something is bound to turn up.  I'll call Diller tomorrow and try an ad in the San Diego paper this coming weekend again.

          Going to see "Souls at Sea."  The movie shown last night was so putrid that I didn't go.  It was the same one that was shown on Monday and the opinion seemed to be unanimous.

          As I told you over the phone, I examined a "draft" of men going out for sea duty.  Along with me as Dental Officer there were four Medical Officers.  The 175 men are all lined up in their barracks and stripped down to the skin except for shoes and stockings.  One doctor examines the throat, another the chest, another gives a "short arm" inspection and a fourth checks for rupture.  I walk around with a flashlight and look in each mouth as I go by.  If a man doesn't have enough teeth for chewing, I am supposed to pull him out of the "draft" until he is rehabilitated.  I passed them all.  It took me about eight minutes to make the inspection.  I got credit for 175 oral examinations.  That's the Navy.

          Nothing more my Sweet.  Keep your chin up.