"Sirs" and "May I"


9 February 1944

1735 o'clock

Dearest Eleanor,

          Another day gone and am I glad.  I had only three patients today and that was enough.  One had five cavities, another three and the last one twelve.  All were from a ship that is leaving tomorrow, and the work had to be done right now.  So, Steingart got the call.

          It began to rain when I left the clinic so I decided not to go downtown.       I am going to take in an early show tonight and then I'll probably run down and make the reservation.  They are showing "The Lodger," with George Saunders and Merle Oberon.  I hope it is good.

          I didn't get a letter from you today.  Anything new about the equipment?  Be sure to arrange the moving out of the stuff this week.  Store it in Bekins.

          Things have really been peaceful and quiet here as regards the corpsmen.  A lot of "sirs" and "may I' and "please" today.  I don't think I like it half as well as the way things were.  But this is the Navy.

          Bought a $1.10 box of Schraft's chocolates for 70 cents and finally got sections for my wallet.

          Nothing new about a place I think I'll do some chasing Friday noon if we have an inspection.  Guess I'll sign off till tomorrow.

Your lover,