Am I Aggravated!


Wednesday 2 February 1944


          Am I aggravated!  Took the car out at noon today to go downtown to place an ad and got stuck.  Fortunately I was able to get a club tow car.  I just called and found that the car is O.K.--some fuel pump trouble.
          This really has been a busy day. Thirteen patients, including two WAVES.  The daily lecture was called off, so from four to five we were able to loaf. I didn't do anything last night after all.  Read, took a shower and turned in early.
          Tonight Gilman and I are going into town for dinner.  This damn food may be good but I'm sick of the sameness of it all.
          Got another letter today and am glad to hear that there is no serious illness at home.  Don't worry too much about help down here.  I just mentioned what we are doing now to a couple of married technicians and they begged me to keep them in mind if we rent a three bedroom house.  These boys are really having a tough time because of the financial end of it.
          Just three more days and I'll be home with my three Sweeties. 'Til tomorrow.