Arranged for Gas and Light

Tuesday 4 April 1944, 1800 o'clock

Hello My Sweet,

          One day closer to our new life in San Diego.  This business has got me to the point of becoming absent minded.  I almost forgot to write.

          Went down at noon today and arranged for the gas and light.  I'll have to leave the keys with one of the neighbors because there is no way of telling what time of the day the utility man will be down.

          Saw "Cover Girl" with Rita Hayworth last night and really enjoyed it.  Lots of good singing and dancing routines.  No plans for tonight though we are thinking tentatively of having dinner out.

          How about the house rental?  Anything happen?  I hope you don't have to turn it over to an agent.  It's too much money to give away.  Guess we'll have to do the best we can.

          My corpsman gave me a one way ticket from San Diego to San Francisco.  I'll use it to come home on if no ride turns up.  Nothing has.  You'd better not expect me on Saturday 'til rather late.