Six Patients, Twenty Fillings


Thursday 2 March 1944
1520 o'clock (3:20 P.M.)

Dearest ,

          I haven't heard from you since you left.  I hope it's only a delay in the mail and nothing else.  How do you feel?  If you haven't sent me the "A" book on the Plymouth please do so right away.

          This has been a busy day for me.  Not because we are particularly busy now but because I felt like working.  I only saw six patients but I put in twenty fillings.  I could just as well have made twenty sittings out of the six, but one gets tired of loafing all the time.

          One of Dr. Taylor's patients, a cook, brought in four large steak sandwiches for lunch.  I had one plus a bottle of milk and feel quite full still.

          Last night three of us went downtown.  Stopped in a bar for drinks.  Turned in.  Tonight I may go to a movie.  They are showing "Life boat."  Maybe I'll leave it for tomorrow night when I stand watch.  It all depends on how I feel.

          Everybody enjoyed the gingerbread cake (the icing was not sour).  I ate the apple for breakfast plus a couple of cookies.

          Excuse my rambling, but everything goes down as it comes up (I mean my thoughts).

          It's just been a couple of days since you left and I can hardly wait for Saturday night.



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