Jewish Chaplain Visited

Sunday 27 August 1944, 10:45 AM

Good Morning Sweetheart,

          Boy, wouldn't I love to be home this morning with you in bed alongside and Linda and Norma climbing all over us.  Guess we'll have to put it off for awhile.

          Got my liberties all fouled up.  Thought I was off today but instead I was off yesterday.  So I don't go ashore again until Tuesday.  Saw "Sensations of 1945" again last night and enjoyed it.  There is so much good music in it.  You remember I saw it at the Repair Base when I was there.

          It's always warm here but there is a cool breeze coming down from the hills that makes it quite comfortable.  You can lean over the rail and watch the rain come in off of the hills and in the past few days it has rained frequently.  However, no one pays any attention to it because it rains but a few minutes and you are completely dry in another few moments.  In the past few days I've seen several rainbows and thought back to those happy days at Niagara Falls.

          This morning we had three chaplains come aboard.  Two conducted services and the third, a Jewish chaplain just visited around.  He comes from the same town as the executive officer who has known him for years.  He also knows Rabbi Lifschitz.

          Dear, I am enclosing some papers which I want you to file away for future reference.  Nothing else to say since my last note except I love you and miss all my three girls.