Addressed Twenty Xmas Cards

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
              Friday 20 October 1944 10:30 PM

My Dearest Darling,

          Just came down from the movie.  The picture, "Dragon Seed," was long running, over 2 1/2 hours, but it held my interest every minute of the time.

          There is little to tell since I wrote last night.  I addressed twenty Xmas cards that I had purchased and have thirty more to send in addition.  Today has been another day.  I worked all morning and this afternoon I took inventory of the supplies in our wardroom mess.

          The mail today consisted of a letter from Al Stein while he was in the hospital and a copy of the Outlook.  Dear will you notify the Outlook of my new address?  This one went to Diego and was then forwarded.

          Now that most of my work is clearing up I'll go back to work on our ship's library.  Just today, I received, by mail, new books for our library.  The cataloguing of the books we already had is still incomplete.  However, I now have two dental corpsmen, so I should make better progress.

          I'll wait till I see the morning mail before I send this letter off.  Now it's time to turn in.  Good night my Sweet.




Saturday 12:45 PM


          I've been running around all morning.  Just finished lunch and found four letters from you.  Now we'll have our little visit.

          You should have a letter from me every day.  I write daily, drunk or sober.  Such Dreams gal, don't you know any better. Now back to Mary.  If I've written once I've written three times that Mary is all wrong and I've never wanted to get away from you.  I love you too much for that.  So--it isn't true and you just forget it.

          I saw "Song of the Open Road."  It's about teenagers and lots of music.  Linda must have enjoyed it a lot.  I'll file your suggestions for Xmas and see what happens.  The reason I didn't tell you more about my visit with Al is because of censorship.  Al is shore based and so was able to write more fully about it.  No darling Leon's guess is still wrong so you can proceed to stop worrying.  I'm quite safe and expect to remain so as long as I'm aboard this ship.

          Our chief pharmacist mate, who was transferred, had been aboard since January but he is regular Navy (I believe) and had twenty-eight months of sea duty consecutively running.  However enlisted personnel and officers work differently.  Besides he had been in the states for over a month in February or March.  This can't be used as a criterion as to when I'll return.  Forget Xmas cards if you haven't already attended to it.  In all probabilities they wouldn't reach me on time.

          Donate as little as you can to the War Chest.  I am making my contribution in a more personal fashion.  This year let the others worry about it.  Forget the Center completely.  When I return will be time enough for our contribution.

          I bought a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from the ship's store for $4.90.  The regular price is $7.75 so that is quite a saving.  Put in a claim for the pair that was lost.

          That is all for now, Sweet.  Wish I could wrap up a big bundle of love for you and send it on.  As it is I'm storing it up till I get back and then--Oh boy!! Bye darling till later.

Loving you as ever