Ambie Took Us Through a Submarine

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
              SS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
          Saturday 30 September 1944, 9:30 PM

Dearest Sweetheart,

          What a busy day! Saw a couple of patients in the morning and then chased down to the Welfare and Recreation Office on the base.  When I came back I found a couple of letters from you and one from Libby.  I no sooner got started reading and Jim arrived and so I postponed that pleasure and showed him around the ship.  He really was surprised at the size and facilities of the Ocelot.

          Jim had lunch aboard with me and we had an amusing incident.  The Mess Caterer is an elective job that no one wants particularly.  The Captain announced ahead of time that I was to be the next caterer.  However all the officers got together and voted for another officer who wasn't expecting any such duty and boom he is now Mess Caterer. The Captain was a little provoked but couldn't do much about it.  However he did dig up something else for me to do, Mess treasurer.  That is that.

          Jim came over in a jeep.  So after lunch, Hansen joined us and we all drove over to a

and I ran into Alvin Klein.  We had a little chat and plan to get together later.  We than returned to the base and Ambie who used to be a


n main took us through a large


You can't possibly imagine  how compactly built a


is.  Every inch of space is taken care of and really was an interesting experience.  Then we returned to the ship and Jim had to shove off.  We still had an hour before dinner so we walked over to the Officers Club and had a drink or two.  They have scads of slot machines and having three quarters in my pockets I took a shot at it.  Got $4 out, put $1.50 back so I'm $7.50 ahead.  Then we returned to the ship for dinner.  I found another letter and the money order waiting for me.

          After dinner we sat on deck and listened to a recorded radio program until movie time.  Tonight we had "Crime at Night" and it was enjoyment, a murder mystery with a lot of humor.  And so here I am.

          Now for the "Eversharp program."  Keep my driver's license.  I won't need one until I get back.  I can't tell how soon I'll be back, anything can happen.  Dinner out runs from $1.50 to $3.00.  Most places just serve a la carte!  Haven't eaten any tropical fish, but have tasted papaya.  I didn't like it in the states and still think it's too sweet.  When I go on liberty I usually don't get back until past 7:45 when the movie goes on.  That's why I miss the movie rather frequently on liberty days.  I've got you a locket, bracelet and earrings to match but they aren't of the charm variety.  Keep you panties on till they get there.  You have the San Diego deposit book.  Look in my records file.  Whew!  Do I get the $64?

          I still think you should go to meetings and to h... with what people say.  I'm not worried about it so why should you care.  I'll write Ethel and Doc and the Vaneteks as soon as I close here.  Good night, darling, my Sweet.  I love you. I do!


Sunday 1 October 1944, 10:00 AM

          Good morning, darling.  Sleep well?  Sunday is just another day in the Navy.  Just injected my third patient and while I'm waiting for the shot to take effect I'll finish off here.  Nothing new since last night.  Have several first of the month reports to make and also a survey of the oral condition of the whole crew and expect to be through by tonight.  Sounds like I'm optimistic but I think I can do it!

          Do you remember when we would go out for breakfast on Sunday morning just for a change?  Well sweetheart, after the war we'll always have breakfast together and wherever you wish.

          Now for our daily quiz program. Your

          After the war wherever we go our girls go and that includes Chicago.  Frequently a couple of days will go by with no mail and then bingo! The jack-pot!  Five or six all at one time.  Sweet I don't care whether you write or type.  Just hearing from you and knowing all is well is all I ask for.  Bye darling.  I'm getting to be just like Jim except he has been away 18 months instead of the 9 weeks.  I'm a man with


          Figure it out for yourself.