Had Scotch at the Office of a Dental School Classmate

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
             USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
                     2 October 1944, 10:10 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Just returned from liberty and was very happy to find letters waiting.  Three from you and one from Ruth.  I should say I was happy until I read the mail, and now I'm very upset.  It seems that you've just let go entirely and your actions are even causing a change in Linda's behavior.  Now look Dear, there is nothing that either you or I can do to hasten my homecoming, but there is plenty you can and must do until I do return.   No one can help you but yourself.  You must take hold of yourself and make the best of a very unhappy situation.  There are several million men overseas and many of the have wives and children at home. They have adjusted themselves to this temporary change and you must also.  Further, don't be too sensitive.  Remember your present state probably provokes unfavorable words and acts even from the best of our friends and you are the only one who can correct that.  So much for the lecture I hope I won't need to say anything again.

          Now for the quiz program.  Remember any question I ignore can't be answered because of censorship.  Can't say anything about the ship so please don't ask any more.  My sea duty figures from the date I reported aboard and regardless whether we're at sea or port, the time still counts as sea duty.  However be assured that we'll be just as safe when we go on as we were up to now.  My sea pay amounts to $18 a month extra.  I may not get any promotion until February or March and the increase will only amount to $50.  However we have sufficient reserve to tide us over for some time so please don't worry.  The only clothes I wear are greys and I can get what I need aboard ship.  Yes dear I still sleep raw.  My hair is no thinner or greyer and when you get my photo you will see for yourself.  Some of your other questions are answered in some my recent letters so I'll pass them bye.

          Now about what I did today.  Stayed aboard until after lunch and then Ambie and I went on liberty.  I picked up my photos and as I was walking down the hall I bumped into a 


I went to dental school. Although we hadn't seen each other for over twelve years we recognized each other instantaneously and he invited me into his office for a visit.  He poured Ambie and me drinks.  The first scotch since my first liberty here.  He was very cordial and if chance permits I'll see him again. Then we went over to the club I've written about and had a couple of drinks and dinner.  By that time it was 7:30 and of all things, we decided to go roller skating.  Well roller skate we did and for a solid hour.  I only flopped once and my 170 some odd pounds didn't seem to hurt the floor a bit.  Then we returned, tired, a little stiff, but at least in a happy state of mind that is until I read my mail.

          That is all darling please, please take things in hand.  I do want to help but I can't so you must do it yourself.  I love you sweetheart and pray that soon I'll be able to relieve you of your worries.

Your devoted husband