Effects of Tetanus Shot Didn't Last Long

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
           Saturday 28 October 1944, 11:15 PM


Dearest Eleanor,

          This has been another routine day.  My arm feels practically well this morning and I've felt 4.0 all day so the effects of the shot didn't last very long.

          I began the day by seeing six patients in the morning.  Then after lunch I read for a while and then worked on those gadgets I'm making.

          It has been quite warm all day long with very little breeze although it is always comfortable up on the bridge.  After dinner this evening I made my daily visit to the bridge and visited with the O.D.  (Officer of the Day).

          About 8:00 PM I went down to the wardroom for a glass of iced coffee and a game of Peek.  After that Ambie, the Doctor and I stood out on deck and until just a few moments ago talked.

          All the officers wonder what I can say writing daily.  The only things of interest that happen can't be told and daily routine is quite uninteresting.  Most of them write once or twice a week and they are all betting that I'll quit this one a day soon.  Maybe I will but not yet.  I can still tell you I love you and even if there is a lot of repetition you'll still know what my days consist of mostly.

          Nothing more for now, my Sweet.  Till tomorrow "lot---s of love"